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        As a part of Dongyun Machinery Manufacturing Company, the electronic division is mainly responsible for the production and research of electronic engraving machine, which is the most important model in gravure plate making system. With the support of the group company for many years and the persistent efforts of all employees, the products of the electronic division now include DYM4K low-speed engraving machine, 4K engraving head, DYM8K high-speed machine and 8K engraving head. These products are not only well received by mainland companies, but also exported to Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Africa and other countries and regions.

        Our DYM4K engraving machine and 4K engraving head have superior performance and high cost performance, which can completely achieve the effect of Swiss machine. Its cumulative output has reached 500 units, which is well received by customers in the domestic and international markets.

        DYM8K high-speed engraving machine is a new type developed by electronic division in recent years. Its engraving speed, image and text effects have been greatly improved. Compensation system and linearization settings have been added, which can correct the persistent problems in the process of plate making such as trawl, duplicate and mesh change.

        Dongguan Dongyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only company in the world that can produce high-speed electronic engraving machine. Compared with the expensive German machine, our high-speed machine has higher cost performance and more timely service. To choose us is to choose high quality products, high quality technology and excellent service.

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        Email: dymmc#vip.163.com,#換為“@”

        Address:Dongyun Industrial Park, Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

        Established in March 2001. Dongguan Dongyun Machinery Making Co,.Ltd. is Sino-HongKong joint venture enterprise. It is the largest manufacture, which is specialized in developing and making gravure equipment in China. We always insist on a principle that "quality, R&D, market, ".and got a high reputation in the market.

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